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This Policy applies as between the User of this Website and Beski Matchmakers, the owner and provider of this Website. This Policy applies to our users and all Data collected by us in relation to their use of the Website.

Information About Us

Our Site is owned and operated by Beski Matchmakers.

Our RCS number is B232674.

Our Data Protection Officer is Anastasia Beschi, and can be contacted by email at, by telephone on +352 621 66 14 22, or by post at 2a rue Ennert dem Bierg, L-5244, Luxembourg.

We are a member of Paperjam Club in Luxembourg and Russian Women’s Club of Luxembourg.


1.1. This Policy on personal data processing and protection (the Policy) is developed in accordance with the GDPR and is the main internal document of Beski Agency

1.2. The Policy is developed to implement requirements of the European legislation on personal data processing and protection, and is aimed to ensure protection of human civil rights and freedoms while processing personal data in the Company, including protection of rights on personal and family privacy.

1.3. This Policy is applied to any user information received by the Company, both before and after the adoption of the Policy.

1.4. This Policy is applied to all user information obtained by the Company, including data received while using the site (the Website).

1.5. Visiting and using the Website involves unconditional acceptance of this Policy and conditions of personal data processing.

1.6. In case of disagreement with conditions of personal data processing assumed by the Company, the user must cease using the Website and receiving services of the Agency.

1.7. This Policy applies only to the website Company does not control and is not responsible for the collection and processing of personal data by third parties on the websites which the user can navigate through the links available on the website

1.8. The Company does not verify the accuracy of personal data provided by the user.


2.1. The user’s data received and processed in the framework of this Policy come into the Company in the following ways:

2.1.1. Provided by the user by:

  • filling the feedback form on the website, which includes the following information: surname, name, email address, phone number;
  • communication with the Company by sending written correspondence to the Company address, by phone numbers, e-mail, video communications listed on the website and in any other ways, which may include the following information: name, mailing address, location, phone number, e-mail, passport data and other information to the user’s discretion.


3.1. Collection and processing of personal user data by the Company has the following objectives:

3.1.1. User identification in the framework of legal relations with the Company;

3.1.2. Enter into the services contract with the user on behalf of the Company and (or) partners of the Company.

3.1.3. Communication with the user if necessary, including sending notifications, requests and information related to the use of the Website, provision of services by the Company and (or) its partners, as well as handling inquiries and requests from the user;

3.1.4. Providing effective customer and technical support if the user encounters problems associated with the use of the Website and services of the Company (or) its partners;

3.1.5. Improving the quality of the Website, its usability;

3.1.6. Providing personal services, special offers, pricing information, newsletters and other information on behalf of the Company and (or) its partners upon the user’s consent;

3.1.7. Carrying out promotional activities with the user’s consent;

3.1.8. Grant user access to websites or services of the Company’s partners in order to receive products, updates and services.

3.1.9. Carrying out statistical and other researches based on depersonalized data.


4.1. The Company ensures the safety of personal data of customers and users.

4.2. In relation to the user’s personal data, their privacy is preserved, except for the cases stipulated in clause 4.3. of this Policy.

4.3. The Company has the right to transfer personal user data to third parties in the following cases:

4.3.1. The user explicitly consented to transfer his/her personal data;

4.3.2. Transfer of personal data is necessary for providing the user a particular service by the Company or its partners. This ensures confidentiality of personal information, and the user is notified of such transfer.

4.3.3. Transfer is provided by the French, European or other applicable legislation within the established procedure (by court order, law enforcement authorities request, etc.);

4.3.4. Such transfer occurs as part of the sale or other business transfer (in whole or in part), while the purchaser assumes all liability for compliance with this Policy with respect to personal information received;

4.3.5. To ensure protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Company.

4.4. In case of loss or disclosure of personal data, the Company informs the user about the loss or disclosure (transfer) of personal data.


5.1. The Company ensures that the level of personal data protection of users and customers meets the requirements of GDPR.

5.2. The company takes necessary organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution and other unlawful actions.


6.1. In case of default of its obligations, the Company shall be liable for losses incurred by the user in connection with the misuse of personal data, in accordance with the legislation of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, except the cases stipulated in clause 6.2. of this Policy.

6.2. In the case of loss or disclosure of user’s personal data, the Company is not responsible, if this information became public before its loss or disclosure, or is disclosed by the user or with the user’s consent.


7.1. The Company has the right to make changes and additions to this Policy. The revised Policy shall take effect upon its posting on the website, if otherwise provided in the new Policy edition.

7.2. You have the right to ask for a copy of any of your personal data held by us (where such data is held). Under the GDPR, no fee is payable and we will provideall information in response to your request free of charge. Please contact us for more details at, or using the contact form at the bottom of the homepage.

7.3. Relations on personal data processing and protection, not addressed in this Policy shall be governed by the applicable European laws.

7.4. All suggestions or questions related to the personal data processing and protection by the Company should be sent to the email address

7.4. Operator’s personal data:

  • Registration number RCS Luxembourg: B232674
  • Autorisation numbers: 10099791/0 and 10099791/1
  • Name: Anastasia Beschi
  • Legal address: 2a rue Ennert dem Bierg, L-5244, Luxembourg
  • Mailing address: 2a rue Ennert dem Bierg, L-5244, Luxembourg
  • Phone Number: +33 7 67 24 74 56 / +352 621 66 14 22
  • Email: